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About Perception 6

Perception 6 is the ultimate experience when it comes to Creativity!  We are about representing the five “senses” plus one!  The additional one is you!  It’s your creativity and imagination that Perception 6 will enhance during our discussions about your needs and vision for a project.  We are proud to offer project scopes to our clients such as 3D Interactive design, 3D-360 for web, 3D Animation and Campaign Management. We help tell your story and can build your campaign by using our expertise, such as: AR, VR,  Photography, Video Editing, Web Design, Graphic Design and Social Media support.

Project Management is key and when we offer a client our services, it includes much more than just a specific service.  It’s a perception of your ideas that are relevant and more concrete and competitive in your market.  We listen to our clients’ needs and do not limit our capabilities until we fully understand what your needs are.  P6 has a Staff that is talented and dedicated to make your goals come to fruition.  Our experience level and creativity within our group is what makes our perception work for your vision. Contact us today to start your project!


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