Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Architectural 3D Renderings/Tours

Having trouble imagining how you want your new interior/exterior to look?  Do you have the idea, but can’t visualize your new livingroom in your head?  We offer interactive 3D architectural renders for all types of projects – from conceptual to HGTV style –allowing you to change furniture, wall color, etc. on the fly.

Need Product 360 for your website?

Some say photo image sequence 360 is the way to go!  But why not go 3D 360 and have full control forever! Photo Real 3D gives you explosion views, animation, full camera control, lighting control, texturing control and much more!  No brainer to us.  Let P6 set up all of your 360 products for web! Once we establish a 3D library.  ..let's talk AR, VR.

IPS Roofing Products

Do you have a complex or uncommon product?  We have found that the best way to describe how something works is to show it in action.  We can take your product or product specs and make demonstrative animation that you can show to potential customers in a commercial, on your website, tablet, or mobile phone.

Light Bulbs

Have a bright idea and want to show it in its final form before you’ve created the project?  If you can describe your idea, or better yet, provide concept sketches, we can deliver high-quality visualizations of your idea.   We will help you show your project in the best light.

IPS Corporation Plumbing Innovators

For over 40 years, Test-Tite has provided plumbers with the essential tools to complete a successful DWV test. Test-Tite now offers plumbers the safest, longest-lasting plug on the market!  We love teaming up with IPS solving some of their digital marketing solutions.